DB Browser for SQLite 3.12

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DB Browser for SQLite 3.12

Free Create, design, and edit database files compatible with SQLite
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Free   13.2 MB
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As its name clearly suggests, this program is a visual browser for databases of the popular SQLite database engine. The program allows you to create, edit and manage databases, tables and indexes, as well as insert, remove or modify records, all in a simple and easy-to-understand environment. You can also import and export databases, tables and records either as text, CSV files or SQL code.

In my opinion, the program's user interface is a bit dull and colorless. It is composed of several panels where you can perform all the required operations in your database and/or tables and cells. The main panel offers you four tabs where you can visualize your database's structure, browse and edit your data, edit your pragmas and directly execute customized SQL commands in case you need or prefer to do so. Another of the panels, in turn, also allows you to rotate among a SQL log, a plot graphic, your database schema and a log about your transactions with remote SQLite servers, as DB Browser for SQLite also allows you to connect to them. Finally, you also have a third panel that allows you to comfortably visualize and optionally edit a cell's content through a big box, either in text, binary or image modes.

SQLite is a lightweight and soft database engine which is not usually employed for production environments, however, in many cases it's perfect for design and testing purposes. While the original designers of this database engine didn't include an official browser, the developers of DB Browser for SQLite did a really great job creating this practical and lightweight tool, and making it available for free. So, if you are a software developer or a database designer who usually works with SQLite databases, and you haven't yet, you should try DB Browser for SQLite as soon as possible.

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  • Create, edit and manage databases, tables and indexes
  • Insert, modify or delete records using a spreadsheet-like interface
  • Import/export your databases and data from/to text, CSV and SQL files
  • Execute customized SQL commands
  • View/edit a cell's content in text, binary or image modes
  • Connect to SQLite databases running on remote servers


  • Offers a dull and colorless interface


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